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A programme for action

The Campaign Against Domestic Violence (CADV) has drawn up a 12 point action programme which outlines the reforms which we believe must be implemented in order to tackle domestic violence. 

We are campaigning to ensure that our 12 points are incorporated into the government's strategy to end violence against women. We welcome the support of as many organisations and individuals as possible to help us achieve our aims.

What you can do:

  • Collect signatures on the petition in support of the action programme.

  • Ask your trade union, student union, community / women's organisation to sponsor our action programme.

  • Write to/lobby your local MP asking them to support the action programme.

  • Write to relevant government ministers urging support for the programme.

  • Participate in local and national activities to promote the action programme. Contact CADV nationally for details of activities in your area.

Campaign Against Domestic Violence 12 point action programme

  • Secure funding and expansion of facilities and services for women experiencing domestic violence, such as help-lines, refuges, specialist courts and women's advocates.

  • Expansion in quality provision of refuges and social housing, including a pool of emergency housing.

  • Increases in Income Support. Social Fund emergency grants not loans. A decent minimum wage.

  • More support for children who have been affected by domestic violence, including childcare provision for under threes and support services for children.

  • Employers to provide paid time off and redeployment for women fleeing domestic violence.

  • Preventative education in schools about domestic violence. Programmes for male perpetrators in all areas.

  • Scrap benefit penalties for lone parents. Women to be always made aware of their rights. Women on Income Support to be allowed to keep all child support payments.

  • Nationally coordinated programme of domestic violence awareness training and good practice for all relevant staff i.e. housing, health, education, police, legal, social services, benefit workers etc.

  • Legal aid threshold to be raised so that all women can afford legal action in relation to domestic violence.

  • Safeguards for women and children in court welfare meetings and contact situations.

  • Review of all cases of women in prison for killing violent partners and all other women in prison where domestic violence was a factor. Change the law on provocation and self-defence to take account of cumulative violence and abuse.

  • Government to publish an annual report of the impact of all aspects of legal changes and service reforms related to domestic violence.


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